Budweiser Budvar’s special beer BUD Premier Select came second in the “Znojemský hrozen” competition

17. 9. 2009 | České Budějovice

Special beer BUD Premier Select from Budweiser Budvar’s production came second in the “special pale beer” category in the special and unusual beer competition “Znojemský hrozen 2009“. 16° BUD Premier Select has an alcohol content of 7.6%. During its brewing, the main focus is placed on a very long maturing period in lager tanks - exactly 200 days, which is severalfold longer than with a regular lager. The long maturing period along with the top-quality ingredients result in an extraordinarily delicious and well-balanced flavour of the beer. BUD Premier Select makes an excellent complement to any special occasion lunch or dinner. The beer is supplied on the market only in 0.33 litre bottles.

“Special beers are of miscellaneous flavours and the competition in this segment is very strong, therefore we are very pleased to have received a second prize from the assessing panel,” says Budweiser Budvar’s PR manager Petr Samec.

The special and unusual beer competition “Znojemský hrozen 2009“ took place for the first time this year on the occasion of the XI. International Festival of TV and Radio Gastronomy Programmes in Znojmo. The festival was organised by the PORT Ltd, with the expert guarantor being the Brewing and Malting Research Institute. The beers were assessed by two independent sub-panels, one of them being an expert panel of 12 members, the second one a celebrity panel of 8 members. The total of 26 beer brands were evaluated in three categories.

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