A Christmas table should see good-quality well-served beer

21. 12. 2009 | České Budějovice

Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager and Budvar’s specialty beer BUD Premier Select suitably add to any special lunch or dinner. A Christmas dinner is always paid extraordinary attention to in every household; however proper care for beer to go with the dinner is often missed out. As a result of using top-quality ingredients and traditional brewing procedures, beer from Budweiser Budvar is of a specific flavour; nonetheless the final gustatory experience is to a considerable extent affected also by proper storing and serving. The correct procedure should follow a few simple rules.

Bottles should be placed in a cool and dark room or even in the fridge directly after their purchase. In the event a cool storage room is not available, the beer must be put into the fridge at least 3-4 hours prior to serving. Bottles should stand, so that the beer is not unnecessarily stirred up when being served; for the same reason the bottle should not be unreasonably shaken when handled. The ideal serving temperature is 6-9 °C.

The correct pouring of the beer takes two stages. In the first stage, the beer is poured to the middle of the glass, until the head reaches the edge of the glass, but must not overflow. After a short while, the beer is added to the right level by pouring it slowly into a slightly slanted glass, so that it pours slantwise on the side. The glass must be free of any grease or detergents for the head to last as long as possible. If using the dishwasher, the glass should be rinsed with clean water before drying in order to remove chemical remains which negatively affect the durability of the head. The glass should not be taken heated directly from the dishwasher. Cooling down the glass by e.g. cold water is appropriate as it helps to keep the beer’s optimal temperature during consumption.

Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager is a flagship of Budweiser Budvar, being brewed from top-quality Saaz whole hops, assorted Moravian barley, the brewery’s own special yeast culture and pure water form artesian wells. The maturing period lasts 90 days, during which the beer acquires its overall balance, mild bitterness and harmonization. The alcohol content is 5%.

BUD Premier Select is 16° beer with the alcohol content of 7.6 %. Its brewing is particularly focused on a very long maturing period in lager tanks, which takes a total of 200 days. The long maturing period along with using top-quality ingredients result in an extraordinarily delicious and well-balanced flavour of BUD Premier Select, which is only supplied in 0.33 litre bottles. This year saw Budvar’s beer specialty BUD Premier Select awarded in the special and unusual beer contest “Znojemský hrozen 2009” with second prize in the pale special beer category.

The aforementioned beers are not only suitable as drinks to go with special meals; they can also be used as meal ingredients. The following supplement brings an inspiration for two meals.
With the best Christmas wishes and Bon appetit!

Recipe supplement

Main course with Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager
Tournedos with pepper and beer sauce, fried zucchini, aubergine, peppers and baby tomatoes, potato and buckwheat pancakes
Ingredients (serves four):
800g of clean sirloin, 250g of olive oil, salt, ground white pepper, garlic, 100g of chopped fresh herbs, 200g of steak spice and 150g of butter
Pepper and beer sauce:
300g of sweet red pepper, 30g of garlic, 80g of onions, 50g of olive oil, 100g of butter, 50g of sugar, 0.3 litre of Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager, 100g of peeled tomatoes, 50g of tomato puree, salt, ground white pepper
Buckwheat pancake:
300g new potatoes, 10g of curcuma, salt, 100g of cooked buckwheat, 150g of flour, 50g of butter, onion or other oil for frying
Fried fresh vegetable:
200g of zucchini, 100g of aubergine, 4pcs of asparagus, 100g of sweet red peppers, 50g of baby tomatoes, olive oil, salt, ground white pepper, chopped basil

Cut the sirloin and mould to the shape required. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and chopped fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme, coriander, steak spice) and marinate in olive oil with garlic. Fry the steaks in olive oil, then cover it in aluminum foil and bake while adding butter in a salamander stove.

Pepper and beer sauce:
Stir-fry washed red peppers free of the pulp and seeds in olive oil; add two whole cloves of garlic, one chopped onion and a little amount of sugar. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and stew while adding the lager. When the peppers are soft, add one peeled and chopped tomato with a squeeze of tomato puree. Add salt and white pepper to taste. Blend the finished sauce and sieve it through a very fine sieve.

Buckwheat pancake:
Mix all the ingredients with mellowed butter. Shape the pancakes from the finished dough and fry them in onion oil.

Fried fresh vegetable:
Fry zucchini with aubergine in olive oil with salt and white pepper. The vegetables can be covered with mixed herbs in oil during frying. The peppers are usually charred in France so that they lose their skin and are then fried individually in olive oil. Then they can be served even cold.

Strawberries with Cane Sugar and Beer
Dessert with BUD Premier Select
Hot strawberries with cane sugar and BUD Premier Select served with white chocolate wafer, yogurt and raisin sauce
Ingredients (serves four):
300g of strawberries, 100g of sugar, 1dl of BUD Premier Select, 200g of ground rice crispy bars, 100g of white chocolate, 50g of grated coconut, 50g of nut paste

Put the sugar in a Teflon frying pan, add washed and dried strawberries and fry them carefully. Splash with BUD Premier Select and lightly heat. Put the prepared strawberries on a white chocolate wafer; cover over with yogurt and raisin sauce and the left over sauce from the strawberries and beer, season with a peppermint leaf

White chocolate wafer:
Mix ground rice crispy bars with white chocolate, nut paste and coconut. Spread the prepared paste into round moulds and leave to harden.

Yogurt and raisin sauce:
Grind a small amount of a vanilla pod into white yoghurt, add whipped cream, icing sugar and scalded dried raisins.

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