The 44th year of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary will see Budweiser Budvar as its partner

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10. 6. 2009 |

Budweiser, Budvar N.C. is going to follow up last year’s successful cooperation with the IFF KV, as the Budweiser Budvar trademark has become the partner of the festival’s 44th year, which takes place from 10th – 23rd June. In addition, Budweiser Budvar has prepared a ticket competition for film fans, which is going to be run on from 10th – 23th June. Everyone registered for the competition will receive a special screensaver. One of the registered players who will correctly answer the competition question will be drawn each day and will obtain two whole-day tickets.

“Connecting the prestigious international film festival and the premium Budweiser Budvar trademark, which is similarly world renown, is quite logical. Moreover, good beer is a suitable beverage even for the most prominent social events. Therefore we appreciate that Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager is going to make the stay in Karlovy Vary pleasant not only for film stars but also for other visitors,” says Budweiser Budvar’s PR manager Petr Samec. The partnership with the IFF KV is going to earn the Budweiser Budvar trademark not only outstanding advertising effects but will also boost the image.

Budweiser Budvar beer will be sold at all festival’s official events, such as the IFF KV’s opening ceremony, golf tournament and the closing ceremony. Nonetheless, two beer tents (one on the “Postal Bridge” and another in front of the “Thermal Hotel”) will be of key importance to the festival’s visitors, as Budweiser Budvar beer will be drawn there non-stop throughout the whole festival. Besides Budweiser Budvar beer and a pleasant sitting environment, visitors will be able to buy hot food in the tents. VIP guests will come across Budweiser Budvar beer also in Bechers bar, Grandhotel Pupp’s Beethoven lounge and other well-known gastronomic facilities.

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