A newcomer from Budweiser Budvar on the market - Pardál Echt in kegs

5. 8. 2009 |

These days, Budweiser Budvar’s newcomer - drawn 11° Pardál Echt is beginning to appear in Czech restaurants. Budweiser Budvar is thus offering drawn 11° beer again after many years, as the last time 11° beer was brewed in Budweiser Budvar was in 1940 according to historical records.

“After many years, we are re-entering the 11° drawn beer market segment, hoping to follow up with the selling success of Pardál draught beer. At the same time, we expect to fully use the potential of the new Pardál Echt brand launched on the market in June. We would like to accomplish an important position on the 11° drawn beer market,” says Budweiser Budvar’s Pardál’s brand manager Alena Mazancová. Pardál draught beer has been on the market since 2007. The sales have been very successful so far; the sold volume of 193,000 hectolitres was accomplished by Budweiser Budvar in 2008, which is a production of a medium-sized brewery. The sale of bottled 11° Pardál Echt was launched in June 2009 and has been so far progressing as expected. “The overall sales of Pardál Echt are supposed to reach 40,000 hectolitres this year,” adds Budweiser Budvar’s regional sales manager David Kudláček.

The Pardál Echt’s development started in the summer of 2008 by market analyses and a marketing study, partially as a response to customers’ demand for a “stronger” version of Pardál. In the autumn, the product’s fundamental parameters were established, followed by the first brewed batches as well as internal tests carried out in December 2008. In January 2009, consumers themselves joined the development of Pardál Echt. The beer connoisseurs who had already participated in the making of Pardál draught beer also took part in two rounds of tasting together with their friends. Based on their comments, the flavour and other qualities of the new beer were continuously modified. The sale of bottled Pardál Echt began on 1st June 2009.

Pardál Echt is a suitable alternative for those who find the draught beer too weak and the lager too strong and at the same time favour higher bitterness and full flavour. The new 11° Pardál is brewed using ingredients of top quality, such as three types of malt, hops and water from artesian wells. Its specific density is 11.3%, ABV is 4.5% vol., bitterness is 30 EBU and its colour is 14-15 EBC. The beer has a medium tang and thus goes down smoothly. Pardál Echt is going to be supplied to restaurants nationwide in 50-litre KEG barrels. Its price should range between CZK 18-23, depending on the type of the restaurant.

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