A spot advertising the Pardál beer has received a prestigious award at the advertising festival in Moscow

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8. 10. 2009 | České Budějovice

A Pardál beer commercial spot has been awarded at the 19th international advertising and marketing festival “Red Apple 2009” in Moscow. The spot called “Pardál - a beer fine-tuned by consumers themselves…as was this commercial” came second in the “TV and Film Commercial for Alcoholic Beverages” category, while the first place was not awarded in this category. This year, more than 1,500 registered commercial spots from more than 30 countries participated in the Red Apple. The awarded spot can be viewed at www.pardal.cz.

 The Red Apple competition assesses commercial spots broadcast in the previous year and at the same time provides inspiration on how to become successful in other advertising campaigns as well. The contest was divided in 16 categories.  The festival is organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Russian Communication Agencies Association. More on the festival can be found at www.festival.ru.

“Having been awarded at this festival represents a great success for us, even more so due to the fact that the first place in this particular category was not awarded. Being  an international competition with more than 1,500 registered spots and therefore tough competition, we appreciate the award all the more,” says Budweiser Budvar’s Pardál brand manager Alena Mazancová. The co-makers of the Pardál beer participated in the commercial spot, as well as in other marketing and promotional activities, being the main participants of the whole Pardál brand advertising campaign.

Awarding the Pardál commercial spot is a continuation of previous successes of the Pardál beer advertising campaigns. In 2007, the advertising campaign “Pardál - One of us” was awarded a silver Effie 2007 in the A category - foodstuffs and beverages (the expert panel evaluates the effectiveness of commercial spots) along with the “Best Small Campaign” award at the FLEMA 2007 competition (an innovative use of media is evaluated). The product itself - pale draught beer Pardál was awarded the “Consumers’ Choice - the Best Newcomer 2008” title in the “Beer” category (winning products presented on the grounds of a survey amongst consumers) as well as a silver medal in the voting of the Beer Friends Association’s members in 2008.

The development of the pale draught beer Pardál began in August 2005. Autumn 2006 saw consumers join the project, taking part in three rounds of large tasting events. More than 300 beer connoisseurs had the chance to evaluate the flavour and other qualities of the new beer. Pardál draught beer was launched on the South Bohemian market on 1st March 2007, with the nationwide distribution launched on 1st January 2008. This beer soon became favoured by the consumers, resulting in the total of 269,403 hectoliters sold in less than two years. Taking in consideration Pardál draught beer’s great popularity, Pardál Echt was launched on the market in June 2009, enabling Budweiser Budvar to enter the market segment of 11° beer after many years.      

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