Budweiser Budvar is putting new parts of its beer filling machine worth CZK 15 million into trial operation

7. 10. 2009 | České Budějovice

Some new machines are going to be put into trial operation in the beer filling room today, with the goal of increasing the reliability and efficiency of the bottling lines. Owing to this new technological system, the process of stocking the plastic crates with beer bottles and unloading them onto the carrier's pallets will be made faster and more effective. At the same time, it will make handling the full carrier's pallets easier. The system consists of pallet-offloading and pallet-loading machines, machines wrapping the full carrier's pallets in a plastic foil wrapper and printing equipment, which labels the wrapped pallets. The new system’s capacity reaches 54,000 bottles an hour. Being supplied by the Manex Bořetice and JaGa Praha companies, the system means an investment worth CZK 15 million.

“Installing the new set of machines is a part of our long-term investment plan focused on the bottling line’s capacity increase, being also directly connected to the newly launched computerized warehouse system in the Budweiser Budvar Brewery. The supply to our customers will not be affected in any way during the trial operation,” says Budweiser Budvar’s technical end energy department’s manager Dalibor Čáp. The expansion and innovation of Budweiser Budvar’s bottling lines have been taking place in stages since 2005, when new bottle-washing machinery was installed, followed in the subsequent years by e.g. labelling and filling machinery replacement along with efficiency advancement of the pasteurizers etc. The summer of 2009 saw equipment which inserts bottles into crates put into operation along with a crate washer with a total value of CZK 16 million.

The corporation anticipates a total investment of CZK 479 million this year, focusing particularly in extending the capacity of commercial centres in the Czech Republic, the restoration of the machinery in the bottling room and the purchase of new crates and kegs. This year’s major investment worth CZK 87 million has been the construction of the new computerized warehouse for bottled beer. In 2008, Budweiser Budvar N.C. invested a total of CZK 282 million into its development.

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