Budweiser Budvar beer will be drawn exclusively at Depeche Mode concerts in the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia

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17. 6. 2009 |

Budweiser Budvar, N.C. has been continuing its sponsoring activities aimed at cultural events this year as well. The Budweiser Budvar trademark obtained the status “Official Beer” of this year’s Depeche Mode concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Visitors will be provided with the non-pasteurized Budweiser Budvar lager from tanks. The total of 50 taps will be available, cared for by an 80-people strong team from Budweiser Budvar thus ensuring the highest possible quality of the drawn beer. Furthermore, fans could take part in the ticket competition, which took place from 1st June - 17th June on www.budvar.cz.

“We believe that Budweiser Budvar beer will put pleasant final touches to the performance of these world-famous music legends. Serving beer at its highest quality possible is very difficult to organise at these concerts. Two juggernauts full of beer must be transported to each concert. Moreover, the equipment is being put up a day earlier,” says Budweiser Budvar’s promotional events coordinator Petr Klein.

The group Depeche Mode prepared its world “Tour of the Universe” on the occasion of releasing their twelfth album “Sounds of the Universe” on 17th April. The tour started by a pre-concert in Luxembourg on 6th May, being officially opened in Israeli Tel Aviv on 10th May. Taking in consideration the enormous interest from the fans, the tour was extended to the beginning of next year.  The Bratislava concert takes place on the Inter football stadium on Monday 22nd June; the Eden multifunction facility in Prague will welcome the band three days later - on Thursday 25th June. More information on the Prague concert can be found on www.stadioneden.cz

The Depeche Mode concert is not going to be the only event where fans of good music can sample the beer from Budweiser Budvar. It will be e.g. at concerts of Lenny Krawitz (19.6.) and Madonna (13.8.). Last weekend could see Budvar Fest taking place in České Budějovice, where nine Czech and international rock bands performed. The next musical performance is going to be prepared by Budweiser Budvar within the traditional Budvar Day, which takes place on 12th September. 

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