The Czech Trade Inspection found no faults in Budweiser Budvar’s restaurants

3. 7. 2009 |

Last week, three teams of inspectors from the Czech Trade Inspection (CTI) showed up almost at the same time in the three restaurants run directly by Budweiser Budvar. They inspected the Masné Krámy restaurant, the Budvarka restaurant and the Budvar restaurant in the brewery’s premises. The inspections were quite extensive, as the teams checked the adherence to the precise levels of drinks, the correct charging for consumption, and even the obligatory indication of the facilities, information on prices of the food and drink selection offered in menus and beverage lists, serving alcohol to the underaged or status of the operational as well as personal hygiene in the individual restaurants. The inspectors found no faults or violation of regulations.

“Since the CTI is totally professional in their work, following clear and accurate procedures and using officially calibrated measuring equipment for the drink volume control, the inspection outcome is of great value to us. During the CTI inspection no discussions were needed to be held on what an undersized drink is or is not, or whether the staff follow regulations or not,” says Budweiser Budvar’s gastro department manager Antonín Janský.

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