The “Masné krámy“ restaurant has experienced a successful year

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8. 12. 2008 | České Budějovice

The “Masné krámy“ restaurant managed to pick up its famous tradition again, as it enjoyed great interest from its customers during the past year. Between 5th December 2007 and 4th December 2008, 1,560 hectolitres of beer have been consumed. “130 hectolitres of drawn beer a month on average were drunk every month in Masné krámy, which is nearly 7 times more than in an average restaurant,” says Budweiser Budvar’s Gastro Department Manager Antonín Janský. The latest data of the “Data Servis” company indicate that the average amount of drawn beer in Czech gastronomic facilities amounts to 19 hectolitres of beer a month.

Most of the drawn volume last year went to Budweiser Budvar Krausened Lager drawn directly from the beer tanks. Its share of the volume drawn was approximately 87 %, i.e. 1,365 hectolitres, the rest of the beer drawn being draught beer, dark lager and drawn alcohol-free beer. “During the past 12 months, our waiters served 290,102 large beers and 36,712 small beers,” adds the “Masné krámy“ restaurant’s manager Tomáš Olejník.

Guests look to the “Masné krámy“ restaurant also for its great cuisine. 86,862 main meals and 32,914 portions of soup were served during the past 12 months, the most successful being traditional Czech cuisine, in particular the “Brewer’s Goulash” (9,186 portions), the “Old Czech Roasted Pork” (5,272 portions) and “Grilled Pork Ribs” (4,574 portions). 
 The “Masné krámy” restaurant’s capacity is presently 190 places. The restaurant is open daily; the opening hours are Mon - Thu 10.30 a.m. - 11 p.m., Fri - Sat 10.30 a.m. - midnight, Sun 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Reservations can be made on 387 201 301 or by email Detailed information about the “Masné krámy” restaurant including menu and price list can be found at

“Masné krámy” Restaurant
The present building of Masné krámy probably comes from 1554. As the name suggests, its purpose used to be to sell meat. In 1953, the building was rebuilt into a pub, quickly gaining considerable popularity owing to first-class Budweiser Budvar beer as well as serving excellent food. Following the 2002 floods the pub had to be closed down and was re-opened after a five-year break on 5th December 2007. The reconstructed interior designed and supplied by Story Design a.s., follows not only the original restaurant’s tradition but also the historic character of the building. Therefore such architectural elements and traditional materials had been chosen so that they support the historic outcome (solid oak, natural leather, black mat metal and patina copper). The interior furniture is of a simple and purposeful character evoking the historic unity with the building. That is not to say that even more modern trends of restaurant facilities equipment were not used in Masné krámy. For that reason LC screens and other LC projection equipment can be found in here, so can WIFI internet connection or wireless cashier equipment. The capacity of the restaurant is 190 places.           

“Krausened Lager” in Masné krámy
Masné krámy’s beer offer is dominated by Budweiser Budvar Krausened Lager, which is drawn directly from the beer tank only in here and in no other restaurant in the world. Krausened Lager is also available in other selected Czech restaurants, nonetheless only drawn from kegs, since it is very vulnerable to storing and care conditions, which are met only by some restaurants. Due to its content of live yeast, the lager must be kept in a temperature of 6-8 °C. The initial brewing procedure of the Krausened Lager is the same as with Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager. The difference lies in the fact that a certain amount of “rings” is added into the ready-to-consume beer, supplying the beer with a new culture of brewing yeast at its best condition plus another share of the extract. Further fermentation of the beer then takes place. The resultant Krausened Lager contains live yeast culture, providing the beer with better sensory qualities distinct from the traditional keg lager (greater fullness of the flavour, stronger tang, firmer head etc.).

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