The well-known “U Medvídků“ restaurant in Prague has put new beer equipment into service, offering now also the non-pasteurized Budweiser Budvar Lager

7. 3. 2008 | České Budějovice

The well-known “U Medvídků“ restaurant and hotel in Prague has completed the reconstruction of its beer conveniences in cooperation with Budweiser Budvar brewery. Five beer tanks, each having the volume 10 hectolitres have been installed into the beer-hall area. Owing to a newly constructed technology of beer storage, the “U Medvídků“ restaurant is going to newly offer drawn non-pasteurized Budweiser Budvar Lager from the tanks. “Installing the new tank equipment will contribute to better quality of drawn beer, which will make us more capable of competing with the restaurants in the area,” says the “U Medvídků“ restaurant’s co-owner     Jan Göttel.

The system in the “U Medvídků“ restaurant is so unique since the tanks became an integral part of the beer-hall’s interior and the customers can therefore see them.  As the tanks are not placed in a chilly cellar as usual, their casing is insulated and actively cooled. “To the best of my knowledge, such technology is effective in only two places in Central Europe and that is in the Masné krámy restaurant in České Budějovice and in the U Medvídků restaurant. Apart from that it is used only in restaurants on transatlantic cruise ships,” says Budweiser Budvar’s technician and designer responsible for the project Bohumil Maťha. The tank facility in the “U Medvídků“ restaurant ensures beer storage under ideal conditions, which prevents its contamination by undesirable micro-organisms. The microbiological purity (sterility) of the whole system provides the customer with the assurance of receiving a lager of the best quality and freshness on the table. The beer’s sensory and flavour qualities resemble the qualities of beer drawn directly from the lager tank in the brewery.

The “U Medvídků“ restaurant is supplied by means of an original container system developed by Budweiser Budvar in 2007. The system is based on special heat insulated beer storing containers of a 10-hectolitre volume, where the beer stays cold for at least 24 hours. The containers are filled in the brewery under sterile conditions and then taken to a regional central storehouse. From there, the beer is transported by a specialised transportation vehicle equipped with a unique pump-over fitting and its own sterile hose to the particular restaurant, where the container gets connected directly to the restaurant’s beer tank. As opposed to most competitors’ beer delivery systems, this system is designed in such a way that the cleaning of the supply pipe between the tank and the container is not therefore necessary during every refilling. The pumping-over form the container to the tank takes only 12-14 minutes. 

The “U Medvídků“ restaurant is already the fourth restaurant in Prague offering tank beer from Budweiser Budvar, joining the restaurants “U Šumavy” (Štěpánská St. 3), “Pod Slavínem” (Svobodova St. 144) and “Rocky o’Reily” (Štěpánská St. 32).

“U Medvídků“ restaurant and hotel
Establishing the “U Medvídků“ restaurant dates back to 1466. A former brewery, home to the first Prague cabaret was transformed into one of the largest beer-houses in Prague (with today’s capacity of 400 places) in the last century. During the reconstruction, a three-star hotel with 33 rooms was developed in the historical premises. The hotel maintained its gothic roof timberwork and renaissance painted ceilings, which make it outstanding.
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