Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager awarded silver at the Žatec Final Harvest Celebration

11. 9. 2008 | České Budějovice

Budweiser Budvar Original Imported Dark Lager has gained yet another award. It came second in the “Dark Lager” category following professional tasting on the occasion of the Žatec (Saaz) Final Harvest Celebration. The professional tasting during the Žatec Final Harvest Celebration is regarded as one of the five most important tastings in the Czech Republic. This year’s Žatec Final Harvest Celebration saw 158 beer samples in 11 categories from 28 breweries. The competition was organised by The Hop-growing Institute and the evaluation took place in two rounds. “This year, our dark lager repeated the second place from last year. Its collection of awards thus got richer by a seventh medal, which we appreciate very much. Furthermore, we found it very valuable that the contest took place directly in the centre of the geographical area, where one of this beer’s key ingredients comes from – Žatec (Saaz) hops,” Budweiser Budvar’s PR manager Petr Samec commented upon the award.

Budweiser Budvar sold 29,616 hectolitres of its dark lager last year, which is 42% more compared to the year before. The local market saw its sales rise by 7.1%, while the 2007 export increased by 80.1% from the previous year. The key export market was the Russian one, where 6,000 hectolitres of the dark lager were sold, which represents a 66.2% increase. Great Britain, Germany, Finland and Slovakia were amongst other significant customers. Overall, Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager was exported to 18 countries, last year, Vietnam being the furthest.

Premium Dark Lager has been in the Budweiser Budvar’s product range since 2004, gaining seven awards for its original flavour and quality home and abroad in a relatively short time of its existence. Besides the Žatec Final Harvest Celebration Award 2008, it was awarded the prestigious title “World’s Best Lager“ in 2007 in the international contest of the British beer magazine “Beers of the World. In the same year, the dark lager came second in the Beer Friend Association’s contest “Dark Beer of the Year” and was granted a silver medal in the category “Dark Lager” from an expert panel within the Žatec Final Harvest Celebration. In 2006, Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager was awarded a silver medal in the international quality contest organized by the Belgian International Institute for Quality Selections and the “Dark Beer of the Year” title in the Czech Republic organized by the Beer Friend Association. In 2005, the panel of the oldest London beer festival called “The London Drinkers’ Beer and Cider Festival“ awarded Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager with the “Best imported beer“ title.

Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager is brewed in the same manner as the pale lager, using the whole Žatec (Saaz) hops and pure water from 300m deep artesian wells. The difference lies in the use of four types of barley: Czech, Munich, caramel and roasted. Unlike most of the other dark lagers on the Czech markets, Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager’s flavour is not dominated by sweetness, since its flavour is mildly bitter with a caramel accent. Its other features are a distinctive dark colour, a very thick and lasting head and a delicate aroma of roasted malt.

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