Last year Budweiser Budvar exported a record-breaking volume of beer in its history

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28. 2. 2008 | České Budějovice

In 2007, Budweiser Budvar exported the most beer in its history. The record-breaking volume of exported beer - 587,000 hectolitres in total, went to 53 countries worldwide, which means an annual export increase by 5.88%. Budweiser Budvar lager belongs amongst the most known Czech trademarks in the world and is sold everywhere as one of the most expensive premium trademarks on the market.

Budweiser Budvar’s 2007 export was from 77% made up by the sales in the following five countries: Germany, Great Britain, Slovakia, Austria and Russia. The total sales in this group grew annually by 4.2%. “I most appreciate the sales increase in Russia, where the annual rise amounted to 25%,” says Budweiser Budvar’s business manager Robert Chrt. “Furthermore, we are contented with the results in Germany, which is our most important export market. We sold annually 2% more beer, despite the fact that the German beer market decreased by 3% and our trademarks rate amongst the expensive ones,” adds Robert Chrt. Good results were accomplished in Slovakia and Austria, where the sales went up identically by about 11%. “Traditionally, Budweiser Budvar lager is the most sold imported lager in Austria and is way ahead of the others,” adds Robert Chrt. The results could only be better in Great Britain, where the annual sales fell by 7%. This was caused by extraordinarily bad summer weather, when the overall beer consumption in Britain during the summer months came down by 15-17% and this summer drop-out could not be retrieved.

The business cooperation with Carlsberg concern also positively influenced 2007 results. Throughout 2007, the companies from the Carlsberg Group took over beer sales in five countries, explicitly Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Serbia and Bulgaria. Thanks to that, the annual sales in these countries increased by 39 %, having reached the total volume of about 14,000 hectolitres. The cooperation with the new importer in the USA also turned out to be good. During 2007, a temporary period connected with the administratively difficult transfer of licences from sub-distributors took place in the individual countries, which required considerable effort and time as well as financial investment on behalf of the Anheuser-Busch company. In spite of that, the Anheuser-Busch company sold 37% more beer in 2007 than the previous importer in 2006; altogether 11,000 hectolitres of the pale lager under the trademark of Czechvar. In 2007, Budweiser Budvar beer was exported to three new countries for the first time; namely South Korea, Brazil and Albania. Budweiser Budvar’s 2007 overall sales reached 1,253,000 hectolitres, which represents an 8.7% increase compared to 2006. The export accounted for 47% of the brewery’s total sales.  

Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation
Budweiser Budvar, N.C. brewery has long been one of the most successful Czech foodstuff companies. Nearly half of its production is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Budweiser Budvar’s sales increased by 9% in 2007, having reached the volume of 1,253,000 hectolitres of beer. The brewery’s gross profit in 2006 annually grew by 15% onto the total of CZK 267.2 million. Since 1991, roughly CZK 3,000 million have been invested into the modernization and development of the brewery.

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