The “Prague - Prčice“ walk with Pardál

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16. 8. 2011 | České Budějovice

On Saturday 17th May, the 43rd year of the traditional “Prague - Prčice“ walk takes place. The Pardál beer is one of its partner; the participants will encounter it at various stages of the walk. Additionally, they will meet the ‘Pardál’ tree along with amusing navigation and five kiosk stands with drawn Pardál beer.

Three thematically designed stands will definitely catch the participants’ eyes throughout the walk. One will be designed in a hunting spirit, the second one in an aquatics spirit and the third one in a football spirit. Tourists will be made aware of the stands in advance by means of signs. Signs reading “Every mammal is invited” will lead them to the hunting stand, whereas a paddle reading “Paddle for your beer” will lead them to the aquatics stand. The 70 kilometre-long route begins in Prague and runs through e.g. Jesenice, where the signs can be seen, also near Řikov and in Kvašťov. Many competitions will be organised for the over-eighteen participants at these stands, for instance shooting from a popgun at a deer at the hunting stand, swimming aground at the aquatics stand and shooting at a goal at the football stand. The competition panel will also include the Pardál’s co-creators, who directly participated in the beer’s creation and helped tune its final qualities.

The destination of the walk - Prčice square will also have another stand. The last one will be at Heřmaničky station, since most of the participants set off home from there. Naturally, all the stands will sell drawn Pardál beer cooled to the right temperature, which will indeed become a welcomed refreshment in the anticipated warm weather.

“The Prague - Prčice walk is difficult as far as drinking regime is concerned, particularly on hot days. We believe that the strategic position of our stands throughout the route will help the participants complete the walk in good shape and good spirit. Besides the refreshments, a number of competitions are prepared for the walkers, where they can win not only beer, but also T-shirts, beer glasses and other Pardál promotional items,” adds Budweiser Budvar’s PR manager, Petr Samec.

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