Pardál’s party will see the band “Visací zámek” performing

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3. 12. 2008 | České Budějovice

“The beer of the Pardál brand was tuned by Czech connoisseurs themselves, therefore it cannot be missing at places, where Czech consumers get together, enjoying their free time with friends,” says Pardál Brand Manager Alena Mazancová. For that reason Pardál was present during river openings, at attractive tourist localities around the Czech Republic, during fishing-out of lakes and furthermore, even during traditional hog-killings at selected regions. “Friday visitors can also look forward to additional prize competitions, a special fashion show for men and a karate show. Musical background will be provided by the bands Visací zámek and Happy Band along with a disco by Radio Kiss Jižní Čechy,“ adds Alena Mazancová. The entrance is free.


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