Pardál beer awarded “The consumer’s choice - the best newcomer of 2008”

24. 4. 2008 | České Budějovice

Pale draught Pardál beer was awarded “The Consumer’s Choice - the Best Newcomer of 2008” in the Beer category. The result was made public yesterday evening during a ceremony at Prague’s Novoměstská radnice (New-Town Townhall). A novice in Budweiser Budvar’s product range, Pardál was launched onto the South Bohemian market on March 1st 2007, quickly captivating local customers. Its sales surpassed the original anticipations three-fold, having reached the volume of 76,000 hectolitres. At the beginning of this year, Pardál’s sale was extended to the whole of the Czech Republic. The Pardál brand caught an interest of marketing experts as well. The “Pardál - One of Us” advertising campaign was awarded a silver Effie in the most effective Czech advertising campaign contest and won the FLEMA 2007 competition concerning innovative use of the media in the “Best Small Campaign” category.

 “Winning The Consumer’s Choice contest is very appreciated by us, particularly due to the fact that the customers themselves, who we brew Pardál beer for, made the choice,” Budweiser Budvar’s PR manager Petr Samec comments upon the award.       

The development of Pardál was commenced in August 2005. A year later, in autumn 2006, consumers themselves joined the campaign, taking part in several rounds of organized tasting. The production engineer subsequently took their comments into consideration and “tuned” the final flavour, bitterness, colour and other qualities of Pardál. “More than 300 beer connoisseurs participated in the tasting. Both the sale results and the results of ‘The consumer’s choice - the best newcomer of 2008’ contest mean that they did a good job, therefore thanks go to them,” adds Petr Samec. Compared to Budweiser Budvar beer, Pardál is quite different, as it is characterized by considerably higher bitterness, darker amber colour and a tall snow-white head. The alcohol content is 3,8% and grading 9,7%. The Pardál beer is brewed using traditional top-quality ingredients - Moravian barley, a mixture of Žatec hops and water drawn from artesian wells.

“The consumer’s choice - the best newcomer” contest has been organized by the Atoz Event company for over eight years. The programme aims to monitor and evaluate new and innovative fast-sale products launched on the Czech market in the past 18 months. The winning products get a year-long license to use a “The consumer’s choice - the best newcomer” logo. The contest is so unique since it represents the only Czech programme where the winning products are awarded on grounds of a survey amongst the final consumers. The evaluation system consists of two parts - the impression the product made on the respondents and the customer’s willingness to buy the product again. “The consumer’s choice” programme witnessed a record number of participants. 85 product or product ranges registered by 55 producers competed in 28 categories. The choice was carried out following a survey of household samples and an on-line panel of respondents. The survey organizer was the Factum Invenio agency.  

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