Budweiser Budvar invites the public to the “Open Day”

9. 9. 2008 | České Budějovice

Budweiser Budvar, N.C. will recall 113 years from the first batch being brewed in 1895 on the occasion of the “Open Day”, which takes place in the brewery premises on Saturday 13th September from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. “The Open Day is at the same time a kind of thank you to our customers and the fans of good Czech beer as well as all Budweiser Budvar favourers for their long-term support,” Budweiser Budvar’s PR manager Petr Samec comments upon the event.

Visitors will be provided with a whole-day musical programme on three stages, many Czech as well as foreign representatives of various kinds of music will perform, e.g. brass band, country, techno, rock and pop. Visitors can view the brewing area of the brewery and the multimedia exposition “The story of the beer from Budweis” with the professional commentary of a tour guide. The tours of the brewery and multimedia exposition will take place every 20 minutes from 10 a.m. until 6.40 p.m.

Besides the entertaining programme, the public will be provided with other activities, such as having a picture taken with Pardál, henna tattooing, water gun shooting competition at tin can targets or a boxing simulator. Fireworks will be the peak of the evening.

To get to the brewery, the “Pardál Bus” can be used every hour on the “train station - Mariánské náměstí square - Budvar and back” route. The first bus leaves at 9.30 a.m. from the train station and the last one at 5 p.m. from Budvar. Similarly to the entrance ticket, the bus is free of charge. 

Refreshments will be available in the premises for the whole day, as well as the entire range of Budweiser Budvar products, including Carlsberg imported lager and soft drinks. Guests can savour non-pasteurised draught beer of Budweiser Budvar, Pardál brands and Budweiser Budvar non-pasteurised pale lager. 1,200 seats will be provided for the visitors. In case of poor weather, the roofed main Budvar stage can shelter up to 2,000 people.     

The “Open Day” programme:

Budvar stage:
 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.    BUDVARKA
 11:45 a.m. - 13:15 p.m.    BABOUCI
  1:30 p.m. -   3:00 p.m.    SURKA &  SWING FRIENDS
  3:15 p.m.  -  4:15 p.m.    WABI DANĚK
  4:30 p.m. -   5:00 p.m.    KAMÉLIE
  5:50 p.m. -   6:15 p.m.    PETR SPÁLENÝ & new APOLLO
  6:30 p.m. -   7:15 p.m.    CODE RED - Kanikuly Live (Germany)
  7:30 p.m.  -  8:40 p.m.    NO NAME (Slovakia)
  9:00 p.m. - 10:15 p.m.    WANASTOWI  VJECY

Pardál stage:
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.    ROSA
12:20 p.m. -   1:20 p.m.    CIRKUS PONORKA
  1:40 p.m. -   2:40 p.m     BAGR
  3:00 p.m. -   3:40 p.m     VRBOVSKÝ VÍŤAZI (Slovakia)
  4:00 p.m. -   5:00 p.m.    KARPATSKÉ CHRBÁTY (Slovakia)
  5:20 p.m. -   6:20 p.m.    MANDRAGE            
  6:20 p.m. -   7:20 p.m.    SATISFUCKTION
  7:40 p.m. -   9:00 p.m.   MOTORBAND

DJ´s stage:
DJ Michael C
DJ Lukáš Malý
DJ Martin Boreš
Franta "DJ" Babka

Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation
Budweiser Budvar N.C. brewery has long been one of the most successful Czech foodstuff companies. Nearly half of its production is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Budweiser Budvar’s sales increased by 9% in 2007, having reached the volume of 1,253,000 hectolitres of beer. The brewery’s 2007 gross profit annually grew by 13% onto the total of CZK 302 million. Since 1991, about CZK 3,500 million has been invested into the modernization and development of the brewery.

The origination of Budweiser Budvar
The town of České Budějovice used to be a mixed- nation town in the 19th century. Nonetheless, the economics was run by companies owned by the German part of the population. Since the electoral regulations then distinguished the voters in relation to their possessions and the amount of tax paid, the local Czechs had no representation at the České Budějovice townhall despite their majority. In order to establish themselves on the political level, they had to build up their economic position. For that reason, “Czech” companies were founded in the last third of the 19th century, one of them being the Czech Joint Stock Brewery - Budweiser Budvar’s direct predecessor. Its origination was mainly initiated by Czech brewers (August Zátka and many others). The date of Budweiser Budvar’s foundation or more precisely the Czech Joint Stock Brewery’s foundation is considered to be the 15th April 1895, when the shareholders general meeting took place to elect the first executive board. The 7th October 1895 is regarded as another important day, since the first official batch of a mere 200 hectolitres of beer was brewed then. The Czech Joint Stock Brewery’s sales amounted to 51,100 hectolitres of beer by the end of 1896.  

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